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About Us
Established in 2006, aims to be the leading jewelry web directory. Our directory is built on cross-referenced categories allowing the user to search both by subject and by location.

Our mission is to help business and professional searchers find what they are looking for. We have developed our directory with this philosophy in mind. Our long term goal is to produce the web's largest and most comprehensive web directory. provides information about diamond jewelry, gold, bead & gemstone, bracelets, body jewelry, watches, retail & wholesale jewelry, charm, jewelry designers.

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Facts about Jewelry:

- In 1810 Napoleon Bonaparte presented his Empress Marie Louise with a wedding gift - a breathtaking crown of diamonds and turquoise. Originally the crown was made up of diamonds and emeralds, but Napoleon arranged to have all 79 emeralds removed and replaced with turquoise prior to giving the crown to Marie Louise.

- Throughout the centuries various cultures have believed that turquoise jewelry brings luck and possesses a variety of powers, including the ability to promote wealth, attract love, and bring happiness.

- The word "turquoise" is believed to have been derived from the French term "pierre turquoise" which means "stone of Turkey" or the German term "turkisher steins" which means "Turkish stones".

- Turquoise is formed, over a span of millions of years, by a chemical reaction that occurs when water leaks through rocks which contain specific minerals such as copper and aluminum. The percentages of those various minerals in the rock dictate the gemstone's shade.

- In 17th century England, turquoise jewelry were a must for gentlemen. It was the sign of a well-dressed gentleman.

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